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uv. Dybove, Gagarina str. 43, Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region
+38 097 045 3344 - Online reservation
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Our cozy and commodious restaurant "Golden Palace"

Is glad to offer you to enjoy the luxury atmosphere that is not inferior to the Royal Palace. Our restaurant is a place where you can feel yourself as a truly important person and tune in pleasant thoughts. It is no matter whether you dine with delicious dish at warm evening or drink a cup of coffee during the break of a gloomy workday.

We have a summer terrace

That opens a wonderful landscape of the Carpathian Mountains, which give a sense of tranquility and aesthetic enjoyment.

The best restaurant in the region

It can simultaneously accommodate up to 250 guests, that’s why you can order it for corporate banquets, weddings and other celebrations, so you can share the joyous event with your relatives and people you love.

We always want to please our visitors as much as it is possible and that is why when you order the restaurant for the wedding we make to the newlyweds a pleasant surprise (suite + champagne in the room).

Hotel "Golden Palace"

It is a modern three-star hotel with 40 places, located in a secluded corner of Transcarpathian region with stunning landscapes. Convenient location and quiet area will provide you with excellent conditions for relaxation.

The hotel's location is beneficial for comfortable and diverse leisure: trips to the mountains, visiting the nearest ski slopes, swimming in the river (at summertime). These all will help you to recover your health and take a rest from the noise of cities.